About the L.A. Region K-16 Collaborative

The K-16 Collaborative will convene local K-12 districts, community colleges, CSUs, and UCs to participate in five sub-regional partnerships, unifying leaders across grade level to develop tangible solutions to persistent equity gaps.

L.A. Region K-16 Collaborative

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Educational attainment is a key driver of economic success and intergenerational upward mobility. Yet students from low-income and historically underrepresented racial/ethnic backgrounds have poorer educational outcomes: Black and Latinx students are 13-17% less likely to matriculate to higher education after graduating high school. The disparity continues through college, as first-time Black and Latinx CSU students in the L.A. region are 19-25% less likely to earn a Bachelor’s within six years compared to white students.

We’re failing to provide students with accessible, robust pathways to successful careers.

L.A. Region K-16 Collaborative, San Fernando Valley
L.A. Region K-16 Collaborative - Greater LA Metro
L.A. Region K-16 Collaborative, East LA County
L.A. Region K-16 Collaborative, South Bay LA
L.A. Region K-16 Collaborative, Long Beach

Health, computing and engineering – high-growth fields – are expected to grow exponentially over the next several years in Los Angeles. We must align resources with strategies that successfully accelerate academic outcomes for students, using a systems-change approach, and closing racial and gender gaps in postsecondary attainment and employment.

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